[Inx] Learning Tool or Complete Distro? Was: Qingy: GUI login

Samson Wong samsonctwong at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 21:38:11 PST 2008

I thought this is an interesting discussion; goes to the heart of what INX
is, and is behind various discussions/suggestions I've seen here and

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 12:13 PM, David Kuntadi <d.kuntadi at gmail.com> wrote:

> In short, to learn command line using INX is not the way to go for me,
> unless I found INX two years ago. But I still find INX interesting
> although not useful for me. If we could just expand a little bit INX
> mission, I guess it would be better. My idea is:
> 1. As study tools, just run as livecd.
> 2. To install on computer, it should be a more complete desktop to
> takeover the whole computer, not just for study.

I agree. INX would, imho appeal more widely if "promoted" as a complete
console desktop, as well an education tool. A proof of how a console only
setup can be easy to use. (I know, X isn't the devil)

I'm aware we don't want be hand-holding our users for everything - people
*ought* to be doing the tutes, reading the man pages etc but I don't think
it's one or the other. Just because something is there doesn't mean you
don't need to learn to use it

Promoting it as a complete desktop also eases comments about the iso size in
a way; expectations management. Though I wonder, assuming one tool per job,
(mostly - unless we're all vim converts), using it as a desktop, and using
some discretion, how such bigger would "full featured" be? I am very likely
to be wrong, but don't think it would be "that" much, especially if people
are consequently willing to accept a bigger iso because its full featured.

(Yes, I sidestepped much of the cli vs framebuffer talk, and much of the
answer to the above turns on that etc)

Anyone have a list of what makes up INX by size?

> I could not imagine people wasting 1 computer just for studying command
> line only. That would mean he need to dual boot, or add X on top of
> INX which become not INX anymore.  (I could be wrong though).

For my own computers, I add the full Ubuntu on top of INX. I like to see it
as two tier distro, switching between the "anything and everything" Ubuntu
or the cleaner INX, depending what I need, in one button combination. Only a
personal preference though.

Anyway, being a non-coder, (and not contributing enough back generally!) and
only a user, I'll stop. A lot simply depends on manpower, and we're all
grateful to Peter for INX as it is.

INX is a great project where ever it decides to take it.

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