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Sat Feb 24 06:46:36 PST 2018

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018, 4:31 PM Karl wrote:

> Subject: Re: [Inx] Hello old friends
> In all seriousness, almost all of INX should be generic enough to run
> anywhere - it was just things like accessing the frame buffer and
> specific applications which became harder over time.
> ...
> If there is interest in reviving INX, I encourage anyone interested to
> run the scripts on their preferred distribution and to coordinate fixes
> to make it work.

So, is anyone going to work on this?

Another thought, INX would probably port very well to Android.  There are
terminal apps like Termux and Terminal for Android that run command line,
terminal and ncurses based programs on Android.

I don't have time to work on INX scripts, but I am working on
porting/updating/building some command line and pdcurses based
applications.  If anyone's interested in those, would be happy to work with
them.  For instance, I found an Open Source keepassx compatible ncurses
based password program.  I'm building some SDL programs in framebuffer
and/or with DirectX.  I'm also using pdcurses in conjunction with SDL as a
back end.  Sabotage Linux ported BSDcurses as a replacement for ncurses and
also has some interesting programs ported to/written for BSDcurses.  I'm
investigating some of those.    Plus, there are some SDL based PDF readers
and a text to speech ebook reader.

If anyone's interested in porting/building/testing C/C++ programs for
console, terminal or framebuffer, let me know.
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