[Inx] Hello old friends

Karl Goetz karl at kgoetz.id.au
Sat Feb 10 21:13:13 PST 2018

On 8/2/18 20:52, raphael truc wrote:
> In my experience Void is better, and also has two choices, one based on
> glibc, the other on musl libc.
> Antergos is an Arch distro, building a derivative on a derivative sounds
> a bit complicated :)

Like deriving INX from a Debian derivative called Ubuntu? :)

In all seriousness, almost all of INX should be generic enough to run
anywhere - it was just things like accessing the frame buffer and
specific applications which became harder over time.

Many scripts will need porting - the world has changed around them - but
the base distribution doesn't matter all that much except for where
things live in $PATH. (On that subject I'm sure there was work to make
the scripts generic, I can't recall off hand how far that work went or
who was behind it).

If there is interest in reviving INX, I encourage anyone interested to
run the scripts on their preferred distribution and to coordinate fixes
to make it work.

The existing scripts are in bzr on Launchpad repositories, if people
would prefer to use git I'm happy to create an INX organisation on GitLab.



> 2018-02-07 22:40 GMT+01:00 D.J.J. Ring, Jr. <n1ea at arrl.net
> <mailto:n1ea at arrl.net>>:
>     It's opensource, we can do it.  Raphael try Void or do you think
>     Alpine would be better?
>     David
>     On Feb 7, 2018 9:51 AM, "raphael truc" <virgule.truc at gmail.com
>     <mailto:virgule.truc at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         If it was to revamp the whole idea, a lightweight distro like
>         Void or maybe Alpine would be better suitable imho
>         Raphael

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