[Inx] INX is a good idea.

Karl Goetz karl at kgoetz.id.au
Sun Dec 9 14:21:14 PST 2012

On Sun,   9 Dec 2012, 10:32:02 LHST, Ian Rowan <imrowan at gmail.com> wrote:

> DJ and Peter, I've moved this to the list so hopefully we can all
> benefit. Any notes you have on your Wheezy ISO's can go here as well.

Was there background to this post that didnt make the list? I assume some discussion of new inx releases.

> After a frustrating but semi-enlightening go-round with various versions
> of INX, Ubuntu and Debian, as well as learning less than I ever hoped to
> about remastersys and other similar technology, I've managed a partial
> success in my quest to build "INX 2.0 Alpha Quetzal Qlone" by getting

partial success is a good starting point :)

> this far with no errors (yet):
> 1) Install Ubuntu Server 12.10, "minimal install" w/Ubuntu/ssh server
> roles,     kernel-3.5.0-generic
> 2) apt-get update+upgrade; install dselect; dselect access+update
> [without     the dselect steps I was getting way more errors from dpkg; I
> *think* this     is due to some bug in dpkg]

what step do the errors exhibit at? What is the error message?

> 3) dpkg --set-selections < selections ; apt-get dselect-upgrade
> 4) Reboot
> The selections list is unfortunately stripped down rather badly; I
> audited each package by hand and tried to find the newest replacement
> available in the repository. 17 had to be removed with no available

thats annoying. Could you post which packages do and do not exist?

> replacement. I've taken VM snapshots along the way for easy reversion,
> and am ready to try porting over the scripts, which I suspect will make
> this look like a walk in the dark. Any other interest or assistance is
> welcome; I'm also available in #inx on Freenode.

Any particular problems you expect to face withthr scripts?


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