[Inx] INX is a good idea.

Ian Rowan imrowan at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 15:32:02 PST 2012

DJ and Peter, I've moved this to the list so hopefully we can all benefit.
Any notes you have on your Wheezy ISO's can go here as well.

After a frustrating but semi-enlightening go-round with various versions of
INX, Ubuntu and Debian, as well as learning less than I ever hoped to about
remastersys and other similar technology, I've managed a partial success in
my quest to build "INX 2.0 Alpha Quetzal Qlone" by getting this far with no
errors (yet):

1) Install Ubuntu Server 12.10, "minimal install" w/Ubuntu/ssh server roles,
2) apt-get update+upgrade; install dselect; dselect access+update [without
   the dselect steps I was getting way more errors from dpkg; I *think* this
   is due to some bug in dpkg]
3) dpkg --set-selections < selections ; apt-get dselect-upgrade
4) Reboot

The selections list is unfortunately stripped down rather badly; I audited
each package by hand and tried to find the newest replacement available in
the repository. 17 had to be removed with no available replacement. I've
taken VM snapshots along the way for easy reversion, and am ready to try
porting over the scripts, which I suspect will make this look like a walk in
the dark. Any other interest or assistance is welcome; I'm also available in
#inx on Freenode.


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