[Inx] No BRLTTY... yet... [was: Is BRLTTY part of the distro]

Deborah Armstrong debee at jfcl.com
Sat Mar 28 16:03:10 PDT 2009

>I'll post about it here, so that people can try it - if you know anyone
else using Braille who can try it, that >would of course be useful. If I run
into problems, I will post about that...


Once you post it, are you OK with me asking for people on the BRLTTY list to
test it?
There's nothing really special you need to do with BRLTTY, just compile it
or apt-get it, in Ubuntu it has the python bindings and everything needed
for it to also work well with Orca, the x-based screen access, which for Inx
is of course not relevant.

Also, as for yasr, I'll fool with that; it might need to be muted or
something when other audio is used. I bet it uses oss or something. Yasr,
not being as popular as speakup doesn't have a mailing list or a fan

Braille displays are much more popular in western Europe, Australia, New
zealand -- democracies where the government routinely purchases them for
blind citizens. Here in the U.S. we do of course have manufacturers of
Braille displays and users, but the equipment is pricey and not all blind
people can afford it. I used to do tech support for the manufacturer of one
of these devices, so I buy them used on ebay and have several. 

You'll find for Braille you will get more testers that are in your country
and western Europe than from the U.S. Also BRLTTY has a mode where it
"fakes" a Braille display with a window onscreen, so it's actually pretty
easy for anyone to test.


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