[Inx] No BRLTTY... yet... [was: Is BRLTTY part of the distro]

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Sun Mar 29 06:20:50 PDT 2009

On Sat, 28 Mar 2009 16:03:10 -0700
"Deborah Armstrong" <debee at jfcl.com> wrote:

> >I'll post about it here, so that people can try it - if you know anyone
> else using Braille who can try it, that >would of course be useful. If I run
> into problems, I will post about that...
> Peter,
> Once you post it, are you OK with me asking for people on the BRLTTY list to
> test it?

Sure. See my other post re: inx-unstable-1.12

> Also, as for yasr, I'll fool with that; it might need to be muted or
> something when other audio is used. I bet it uses oss or something. Yasr,
> not being as popular as speakup doesn't have a mailing list or a fan
> following.

Anything you can come up with will be useful fodder...

> Braille displays are much more popular in western Europe, Australia, New
> zealand -- democracies where the government routinely purchases them for
> blind citizens. 
> You'll find for Braille you will get more testers that are in your country
> and western Europe than from the U.S.

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I currently have no idea
whether my new iso will do anything, so you are it, for now *grin*.
Let's see if the new iso actually works at all, first ;-)

> Also BRLTTY has a mode where it
> "fakes" a Braille display with a window onscreen, so it's actually pretty
> easy for anyone to test.

Instructions? Does this work without X?

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