[Inx] No BRLTTY... yet... [was: Is BRLTTY part of the distro]

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Fri Mar 27 22:29:49 PDT 2009

On Fri, 27 Mar 2009 20:23:01 -0700
"Deborah Armstrong" <debee at jfcl.com> wrote:

> Looking at the file en.hlp in /isolinux on the CD, I see that one of the
> help screens shows
> brltty=driver,device,texttable
> Which is a standard way to supply Brltty as a parameter to boot many live
> CDS that include it.

Sadly, brltty is not included. The explanation for it appearing in the
isolinux files is simple enough, but kind of ugly ;-) When I set up the
boot screen I found that removing parts of the Ubuntu configuration
caused problems, so on the whole the INX isolinux config is the same as
the Ubuntu 7.04 boot up screen, which is what it is based on. The Hardy
config is different and to be frank I could not get it working with the
INX logo etc.

This means that several of the options that still appear are actually
not functional. I will try building another iso that includes brltty -
of course I will need testers! I'll let you know when the revised
version is available - I will probably put it in the "devel" directory
on the inx.maincontent.net server until we know if it does as
> I am blind, so I am trying to figure out how to supply this parameter, since
> apparently menus appear when the CD boots. I am an intermediate level Linux
> user, probably more familiar with the console than many, but ignorant about
> how to look at a mounted ISO and figure out from simply studying the files
> in the isolinux directory how the thing will boot up and which menus will
> appear when.

The initial screen on boot is a simple menu that includes the default
boot and the "Boot to RAM" option (second entry, accessible with one
hit on the down arrow key). There is also a "Boot from hard drive"
option. The other options are mapped to Function keys (for instance,
framebuffer option appear from 'F4' and the editable boot line is at
> I've been having a discussion off-list with Peter about making INX more
> accessible to the visually impaired, and it is easiest to start with Brltty
> since I have a Braille display, and unlike speech it works with fewer
> hitches.

As mentioned above, I will try building an ISO that includes brltty. If
there are any special tweaks required that you know of, let the list
know, please ! ;-)
> Ultimately though, including speech access would be ideal, but this is a
> start. 

I will also include 'yasr', but as you will know from our off-list
discussions, that also has some 'interesting' issues that need attention
in INX...

I hope to roll this iso today or tomorrow, and upload it to the server.
I'll post about it here, so that people can try it - if you know
anyone else using Braille who can try it, that would of course be
useful. If I run into problems, I will post about that...

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