[Inx] Is BRLTTY part of the distro

Deborah Armstrong debee at jfcl.com
Fri Mar 27 20:23:01 PDT 2009

Looking at the file en.hlp in /isolinux on the CD, I see that one of the
help screens shows
Which is a standard way to supply Brltty as a parameter to boot many live
CDS that include it.
I am blind, so I am trying to figure out how to supply this parameter, since
apparently menus appear when the CD boots. I am an intermediate level Linux
user, probably more familiar with the console than many, but ignorant about
how to look at a mounted ISO and figure out from simply studying the files
in the isolinux directory how the thing will boot up and which menus will
appear when.
I've been having a discussion off-list with Peter about making INX more
accessible to the visually impaired, and it is easiest to start with Brltty
since I have a Braille display, and unlike speech it works with fewer
Ultimately though, including speech access would be ideal, but this is a
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