[Inx] Wesnoth on INX

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 22:58:43 PST 2009

All this INX list traffic reminds me -- about 6 months ago, I got Battle for 
Wesnoth <http://www.wesnoth.org/> working without X by using either the fbdev 
or directfb display mode of SDL.

SDL is a simple graphics and audio abstraction layer for multimedia apps. SDL 
uses the environment variables SDL_VIDEODRIVER and SDL_AUDIODRIVER to control 
where the video and audio output goes.

To get it working, I compiled SDL with fbdev and directfb support (only one 
is needed, but it's useful to experiment with both), and then launched 
Wesnoth like so:

  bash$ SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbdev ./wesnoth

I remember getting the mouse working was a bit tricky. I think gpm might have 
to have been installed -- but not sure.

I did all this on Gentoo, not INX, as Gentoo allows me to specify USE flags 
(such as "sdl", "fbdev", and "directfb") which are basically global 
./configure flags. It would be cool to get this working on INX, though.

This can be done for most SDL applications that aren't 3D. 3D apps don't 
work, as they need acceleration, and I have no idea how to get 3D 
acceleration working on DirectFB (the Googles are vague on this subject).

Some other SDL apps that are quite fun include Pingus (Lemmings clone) and 
Frozen Bubble. Both should work.

Adding these games to the INX disc would be impractical, as it would at least 
double the size of the .iso, but it would be cool to get some of the 
dependencies up and running. (I'm not sure if the Ubuntu-supplied SDL 
contains fbdev or directfb support -- it may need to be compiled in and 
shipped on the disc, for instance.)

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