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Richard Linux richardlinx at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 00:54:09 PST 2009

Just a brief introduction from what I suppose you could call an INX "fan".
Heard about INX a while ago back when it was at 1.0, didn't really give it
much thot ght back then since I had no interest in learning any CLI commands
let alone how to do some bash scripting! Recently though I've been more into
Linux and trying out different disributions and what not, not to mention
wanting to become more competent with the command line. Heard about INX 1.1
and the rest is history from there. I've been going through the tutorials
and even play the "robotkitten" game on INX. I was impressed (and surprised)
by some of the things that could be done in a text based OS (Lego video was
great). It's a great OS with an excellent guide so that even though
everything seems very unfamiliar you still feel right at home. I'm looking
forward to being part of the INX community, even if it only seems to be
around 12 people. : )

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