[Inx] Important update: interim fix iso on the server

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Thu Sep 11 16:44:31 PDT 2008


There's a "testing" iso on the server at


( inx-rc2-update.iso)

* Fixes to /tmp files with mktemp (thanks to David Symons for the
information and several of the fixes)

* Fix to the Plait script, because the thoughtful people at
shoutcast.com decided to change their site, thus breaking any app that
expects to search shoutcast.com (Streamtuner is another casualty for

* Various other minor bug fixes

Do please download this one, and report any problems.

Thanks :)


"INX Is Not X" Live CD based on Ubuntu 8.04 : http://inx.maincontent.net
Screenshots slideshow: http://inx.maincontent.net/album/1.png.html
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