[Inx] INX+Ubuntu 8.04 & INX 8.10 Experimentation

Samson Wong samsonctwong at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 18:47:50 PST 2008

Actually I remembered something; I made 2 tries at INX 8.10. The one I last
night, iirc correctly (and it does seem hazy now ;-)) worked fine. The 2nd
try I did this morning, which the problems mentioned in the 1st post.

Anyways the general advice is if you're going to dare upgrading, have
extreme caution. :-)

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 1:31 PM, Samson Wong <samsonctwong at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> The last couple of days I've playing around with getting a combined
> INX+Ubuntu desktop and throwing all caution to the wind, upgrading INX to
> 8.10. Thought I'll share my experiences.
> 1. Inx + Ubuntu.
> I firstly made a hard drive install of INX by grabbing Xorg and loading X
> and installing through Ubiquity. I remastered this iso with this beforehand
> using buildinx, but it probably works even if you do it "on the fly" from
> the live cd.
> It was the easiest way to install for me (and allows for partitions!), even
> though it meant going over to the dark side ;-). On restart, the resolution
> is way off; this was fixed by editing/adding the appropriate "vga=" to the
> menu.lst.
> Then I grabbed the rest of Ubuntu. On restart, you're taken to the usual
> gdm login screen etc and taken to your usual Ubuntu desktop, nothing
> special. You get INX by switching from X a  tty (Ctrl+Alt+F[1-6].) and
> logging in.
> The only issue I found is that I didn't have connectivity because Network
> Manager conflicts with Ceni. Removing network manager seemed to fix it.
> Apparently the opposite does too, and I much prefer that, but I haven't
> gotten around to try it. Anything to look for?
> 2. Inx 8.10
> I did a hard drive install of INX first, like in 1. I grabbed the minimal
> tools needed to upgrade (Synaptic, Update manager), and followed the
> directions just like any other Ubuntu upgrade. The upgrade will ask you
> rather you want to replace or keep certain things - I choose to replace
> everything in this test.
> I didn't find any problems with INX in my admittedly brief swirl of it.
> "Introduction to INX" worked, ceni, elinks, irssi, jed worked. dvtm and
> afaik screen worked. X however *didn't* work but I tried to load it. (it
> loaded but everything froze), but hey, we aren't meant to have X.
> So that concludes my experimentation.
> -Samson Wong
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