[Inx] INX+Ubuntu 8.04 & INX 8.10 Experimentation

Samson Wong samsonctwong at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 18:31:06 PST 2008

Hey all,

The last couple of days I've playing around with getting a combined
INX+Ubuntu desktop and throwing all caution to the wind, upgrading INX to
8.10. Thought I'll share my experiences.

1. Inx + Ubuntu.

I firstly made a hard drive install of INX by grabbing Xorg and loading X
and installing through Ubiquity. I remastered this iso with this beforehand
using buildinx, but it probably works even if you do it "on the fly" from
the live cd.

It was the easiest way to install for me (and allows for partitions!), even
though it meant going over to the dark side ;-). On restart, the resolution
is way off; this was fixed by editing/adding the appropriate "vga=" to the

Then I grabbed the rest of Ubuntu. On restart, you're taken to the usual gdm
login screen etc and taken to your usual Ubuntu desktop, nothing special.
You get INX by switching from X a  tty (Ctrl+Alt+F[1-6].) and logging in.

The only issue I found is that I didn't have connectivity because Network
Manager conflicts with Ceni. Removing network manager seemed to fix it.
Apparently the opposite does too, and I much prefer that, but I haven't
gotten around to try it. Anything to look for?

2. Inx 8.10

I did a hard drive install of INX first, like in 1. I grabbed the minimal
tools needed to upgrade (Synaptic, Update manager), and followed the
directions just like any other Ubuntu upgrade. The upgrade will ask you
rather you want to replace or keep certain things - I choose to replace
everything in this test.

I didn't find any problems with INX in my admittedly brief swirl of it.
"Introduction to INX" worked, ceni, elinks, irssi, jed worked. dvtm and
afaik screen worked. X however *didn't* work but I tried to load it. (it
loaded but everything froze), but hey, we aren't meant to have X.

So that concludes my experimentation.

-Samson Wong
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