[Inx] ps edit: Re: inx 1.17 installed WAS:Re: inxtaller on usb (almost there)

Ludo Beckers lazylew at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 01:11:48 PST 2013

Operation inxtaller completed with success, thank you Peter!

I was half expecting a conflict since I had already done a sudo apt-get
install for screen (and mocp) but all went flawlessly :-)
The locale files had me doubting; first I googled be_BE and found that is
Belarus and not Belgium :-)
I picked "en" plus all "nl_BE"-ones - I want Dutch for Belgium, but English
as system language since translations of pc-jargon are awkward sometimes.

The only thing that's not right is the keyboard.
The first install suggested Belgian-French, whereas I use Belgian-Dutch.
Most keys seem to work, except for many alt-gr's like the pipe eg.

Anyway, apart from the fact that the sun shines today, after a long period
of grey and cold... YOU made my day sir! :-)

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 12:38 AM, Peter Garrett <inx-one at optusnet.com.au>wrote:

> On Sun, 3 Mar 2013 22:29:54 +0100
> Ludo Beckers <lazylew at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I downloaded INX-unstable-1.17.iso from here
> > http://inx.maincontent.net/devel/unstable/
> > and burned it to cd.
> > I don't remember what the options where at boot time (from the cd), but
> on
> > this new cd there was 1 more option compared to the 1.0-live cd
> > I picked that one and it installed all sorts of stuff from the web.
> > I was also surpised by the Ubuntu header.
> Ludo -
> Follow up from my previous answer:
> These are the instructions you should need. You already have an Ubuntu
> command-line install, so follow this:
> (I think the first option will be easier in your case):
> ***********************************************************************
>  Rebooting will take you into the new
> Ubuntu command-line install. From your bare-bones Ubuntu on hard
> drive, you now have two choices:
>         a: Download the netinxtaller script and make it executable
>         wget inx.maincontent.net/netinxtaller
>         chmod +x netinxtaller
>            Run it: (do not run 'sh inxtaller', use the dot-slash as
> shown)
>         sudo ./netinxtaller
>         OR:
>         b: If you leave the INX CD in place, on reboot choose to boot
> from hard drive, and do the following:
>         sudo mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom
>         sudo /cdrom/netinxtaller/netinxtaller
>         (With a USB device the script will be on the first partition of
> your INX USB, at 'netinxtaller/netinxtaller' as above)
> **********************************************************************
> I hope this solves the problem for you.
> I guess having the net install as an option on the initial boot list was
> not ideal. "mea culpa".
> Peter

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