[Inx] CLI-app-menu at GitHub.com

Robert D. Chin rdchin at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 17 20:08:18 PDT 2013

After using INX, I was inspired to learn bash scripting and to help educate others about CLI applications.
I found quite a few cli app lists on the web but I did not find any menu-driven app launchers besides INX for a beginner. So I wrote one. 

I decided to write a menu script to learn scripting and so that I could port it to different linux distros.
The script will automatically install an app if it is missing using apt or rpm, and I tried to logically categorize each app.

I have been working on it for a couple of months and it has matured to the extent that I am not embarrassed to release it.

If you want to add more apps, instructions on how to do so are in the script.
Source code is available at github.com search for repository, CLI-app-menu.
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