[Inx] Inx Digest, Vol 23, Issue 3 - CDMP

Marsha Gilliland marshagilliland at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 26 16:31:26 PDT 2010

I decided to try two different store brought CD's on two different 
machines booted INX to RAM and compared playback to INX 1.17 booted to 
ram.  It appears now that I misinterpreted what was happening as due to 
me pressing keys on the keyboard.   I rebooted to RAM once again 
starting CDMP and just letting the CD play back and it appears that 
there is a reading ahead/buffering issue causing gaps in playback.  To 
verify, I booted INX 1.17 to RAM and CD playback was smooth.

I should also note that upon starting CDMP there is a whole string of 
input/output errors regarding sr0 - so I'm guessing something still 
needs tweaking.

The stream search script does not seem to find any streams from 
shoutcast now.  I've only been able to use the www.1.fm website to play 
streams.  Shoutcast seems to be using something different from  the 
search streams script. 

I note that INX USB created with the inxusb script gives me boot options 
for two different resoultions with and without persistence or two ram.


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