[Inx] persistant usb inx - saving?

Karl Harris karlh626 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 12:48:53 PDT 2009

Thanks for your detailed reply.  I created a new script install on my
USB stick and now everything works fine - files are saved, configs
seem to be persistant.

I am writing this with mutt in inx.

Now I am on to importing my gpg keyring into inx.  I just want to make
sure that my keyring will not be compromised if it falls into the
wrong hands.

Thanks again


On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 12:34:43AM +1000, Peter Garrett wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Jul 2009 08:34:58 -0400
> Karl Harris <karlh626 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 
> > The inx version installed to a usb stick via the stick installed fine.
> > 
> > The question I have now is what is supposed to save?
> Well, if a *persistent* boot is chosen, most things will be saved...
> That includes files that you create or save, and configuration changes,
> or updates from the update-inx script (which is kind of a separate
> howto - you can find information about that in the list archives:
> http://lists.inx.maincontent.net/pipermail/inx-inx.maincontent.net/2009-June/000266.html
> Those instructions also apply for a "persistent" boot, now that such a
> thing is possible using inxusb...
> > 1.  If I save a file to the /home/inx directory, is that supposed to
> > be persistant?  I tried rebooting after saving a small text file and
> > on reboot the file was not present.
> You need to chose the persistent option from the Grub menu on boot.
> > 
> > 2.  Is the persistant feature supposed to save settings?  I changed
> > the menu color layout but on reboot, it defaulted back to the
> > original.
> Again, that should not happen as long as you choose "persistent"  on
> boot. If you accept the default (the first entry), then there will be
> no persistence in that session. The same applies for the "To RAM"
> option. Only the persistent option uses the the casper-rw partition on
> the USB device to save and read settings and changes.
> Perhaps I should simply make "persistent" the default, as others have
> suggested...
> > 3.  Is the grub "persist" menu option the only mode which is supposed
> > to be persistant?  On shutdown from each grub boot option, I see a
> > message about casper syncing but maybe that is unrelated?
> Yes, only the "persistent" option is "persistent", funnily enough  :)
> The "casper synching" message always appears, and is not really
> relevant. So, in general you want to chose "persistent".
> > Thanks for any feedback.  I am sure it will help me understand what is
> > happening better.
> In simple terms, the inxusb script creates 2 partitions on the usb
> device. 
> The first one is labelled "INX", although that is not
> essential. It contains the "casper" files, which are the same as those
> on the CD. It also contains, after running the inxusb script, the grub
> boot files needed to boot the device. This partition does not change
> during a session.
> The second partition is labelled "casper-rw". When you boot the
> "persistent" option, the system looks for the "casper-rw" label and
> uses that partition to save changes. If you have changes from a
> previous "persistent" session, they will be read from that partition.
> If that is still unclear, don't hesitate to ask for more information :)
> It *is* a bit confusing at first - the essential thing is to select
> "persistent" on boot unless you want a "volatile" session (one that
> disappears in a metaphysical puff of smoke on shutdown or reboot).
> Hope that helps... Let us know if you have any further problems. It
> would also be good if you could report success, of course ;)
> Peter
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