[Inx] knoppix 6 details

Ben Mullett benmullett at bigpond.com
Sat Apr 4 16:21:41 PDT 2009


Hope this helps......

Knoppix 6 is no longer KDE based, and  *appears*  to have
little in common with earlier versions of Knoppix.  No menus 
full of tools, for a start.  LXDE on the desktop, too, but only
when the default 'Knoppix' boot is selected. 

'Adriane' is a boot selection that brings up a text screen with 
voice as the default.   It is possible to launch the new 'Knoppix' 
LXDE desktop from Adriane's  menu,   but it does seem to
be intended as a talking-terminal.         My experience is very 
limited, but it  *seems*  to be an attempt at a full-on console
with menus for the blind and partially sighted.    Looks very
competent,  which one would expect from Klaus.

It lacks the  *wonderful* scripts of INX, of course!

Well worth a download and some experimentation, if it is
an area of interest to you, imho.  

Will be offline now for a week or so,  changing continents.
      <frantic packing noises in the background>
All the best, Ben


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