[Inx] a few suggestions for INX

Dan Mazzei sehku17 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 15:08:21 PDT 2008

Customization is always good, but different users have different needs, 
so it might be beneficial to be conservative as to how many custom 
settings for applications we put in. 

As long as we're at it, I've attached a .nanorc file for consideration.  

CGA wrote:
> 2008/10/15 CGA <callea.gaetano.andrea at gmail.com 
> <mailto:callea.gaetano.andrea at gmail.com>>
>     The other thing i want to suggest is to give a friendly cli
>     enviroment with some bash, vim, inputrc, profile etc...
>     customizations.
> i'm attaching my custom ones, see if you like them and find them 
> useful. if you think they might be improved with more shopts and stuff 
> i'm open to experiment them on my distro. i also have a bunch of 
> useful links on the topic taken off the web in time. some are from ibm 
> developers , some from gentoo forums and some from blogs. just tell me 
> if you want to have them.
> here's a list of the attached files:
> 1 - bashrc -- it is both for /home/$user and /home/root , obviously it 
> needs to be renamed to .bashrc (starting with a dot)
> 2 - bash.bashrc.debian -- goes in /etc
> 3 - bash.bashrc.ubuntu -- goes in /etc
> you choose one of the above
> 4 - vimrc -- it is both for /etc/vim/vimrc and /home/$user and 
> /hom/root . for the latters it needs a dot. .vimrc
> 5 - inputrc -- /etc/inputrc
>     beside these i suggest to include tools like AKIRA and pastebinit
>     for they automate, respectively, since we are talking about
>     debian/ubuntu, the retreive of repos' keys and a useful command to
>     pastebin files. useful in chat for help.
> unfortunately i cannot find AKIRA's website. it is full of good stuff. 
> darn..... i'll include AKIRA in attachments.
> i also advice to include colourization for logs and such. for logs use 
> ccze. while i was searching for ccze homepage (not found) i found this 
> interesting post: 
> http://www.askapache.com/security/elite-log-file-scrolling-with-color-syntax.html 
> well... it might be a bit much of customization but it shows pretty 
> well how cool and useful is colourizing/customizing logs.
> i'll experiment with ccze and let you know if i find something 
> interesting. of course i'll upload a file too.
> my 0,256$
> ciao
> -- 
> Callea Gaetano Andrea
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