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Shelagh Manton shelagh.manton at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 15:53:28 PST 2008

On Sun, 2 Nov 2008 22:57:09 -0700
Lextori <lextori at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I think I've found the first open source project I want to help
> contribute to. The power of a CLI is actually really impressive once
> you go through the tutorials. I've found that I'm more productive in
> INX(hard to get distracted when all I have is CLI).
> That said I've found a few things I think INX is lacking.
> 1. a simple to use IM client, finch comes close and is available
> through the ubuntu repo's but is difficult enough to configure that
> it may not meet INX's needs.

Looking into this at the moment. But it is not easy.
Using a bitlbee setup within an irc client seems to be the best
solution but requires some set up and thought.

> 2. a flashcard application - I've tried looking and not found
> anything. 

Hmm... Had a look around on the net for one of these and found one for
MS-Dos. Most require X or some sort of gui. Maybe fbi could be suborned
into this? Seems to have a tonne of features. I thought momentarily of
a bash text flash card program, but it is quite a tough ask as you need
to decide on the flash card format. Different files for each flash
card, one file for a complete set. What if people want to write their
own sets of terms for memorisation? How does that happen? What about
all that leitner (sic) memorisation aid stuff? You know where the cards
disappear if you get it right and pops up later for revision? How would
one do that in bash. No... I'm not up to it. 

3. a roguelike game, roguelikes are one of the crowing
> examples of fun games that are possible on the console, and have been
> one of my fav game types for ages
As inx is based on ubuntu you can easily install bsdgames with 
sudo apt-get install bsdgames
to get a bunch of text based games including one called adventure which
might fit the bill. Also I believe you can install bsdgames-nonfree
which is rogue itself. 
Let me see... there is crawl, angband, omega-rpg,
slashem which has an ascii interface, as well as a couple of gui
interfaces, tome and finally zangband. All are available through the
ubuntu repositories.

> 4. an easy way to set up a compose key(on my ubuntu desktop I was
> able to set my cap's lock key as compose with no problems using a
> dialog.)
> I also have one question, how can I turn the numlock on login
> behavior off, I use INX on my laptop and that is quite annoying. Also
> if anyone can help me with setting up a compose key I would apprecate
> it :)
> So my question to the community is how can I help? I know almost no
> programming(I can putt around in python enough to see what's
> happening but wouldn't trust myself to do much more than a hello
> world, and ask some questions and spit them back at the user)
> I am able to test, and give feedback, as well as suffer through bugs
> and learn something new to be of use.
Yes indeed, all of those.



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