[Inx] hardy-inx

Andre Mangan andrem at internode.on.net
Sat May 24 20:59:45 PDT 2008

Impressions on first run (boot from INX), perhaps going over old ground:

When confronted with choosing numbers as menu activators I immediately
go to the number pad - I would imagine that other right-handed users
would do the same.  No luck there.

When viewing the fractals, I know that to view the next fractal I need
to press the spacebar.

The browser cannot read style sheets nor files in pdf.  Should its
limitations be announced?

To return to the Demo from browser, press Esc.

Since the primary focus is on the tutorial and the demo as secondary,
should the tutorial menu entry have more prominence?

USB worked fine as did 'eject'.  The example of pressing "1" (without
the quotes) led me to press 1 when I should have pressed 0.  Of course I
got a warning message, silly me.  Neat!

To distinguish 0 from O, is it possible to use the 0 with the dot in the

In the editors, Vi did not offer an explanation of escape routines.  I
eventually found it to be 's' to get back to the command line and then
'm' to return to the menu.

Moc behaved very nicely and when the music stopped, 'q' returned me to
the real world.

The shut-down sequence worked smoothly.

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