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Andre Mangan wrote:
> Hello to all,
> Today, for the first time I tried Brasero for burning the hardy edition
> of INX.  Two coasters later I used the old CD/DVD Creator and was
> successful.
Speaking of disk burning applications, is there a menu link to 
wodim/cdrecord in the current menu system?  Should there be? 
> Preliminary tests show that hardy-inx functions as before.  Full testing
> to follow.  I will keep in mind to test the bootable CD rather than the
> VirtualBox installation.
> I thought about Peter's idea of making two INXs (now where have I seen
> that monicker before?) and I assume that both would be on the same disc.
> That is a great idea.
> Often when one buys a computer book it comes with a CD.  Is there a plan
> for a book to come with an INX CD?
I don't know if this is in the plans, but neither am I certain that it 
should be.  Because the target demographic is so narrow, it might not
be a good idea to include it, since so few people will be interested in 
using it.  It is targeted at people who want to learn the Linux command 
shell, and those who want a good implementation of it, not the average 

> INX when it shuts down also shuts down the computer.  After using it in
> VirtualBox for so long I had forgotten that it has always done this.
> Would an option for reboot be possible?
Yes, the option for reboot is 'sudo shutdown -r now' but perhaps this
is a good idea to add to the current menus. 

> Cheers,
> Andre
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