[Inx] New hardy-inx ISO upload - some important changes!

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jun 5 13:41:13 PDT 2008

There is a new hardy-inx.iso on the maincontent.net server, in
the /devel directory.

The major change is the addition of the "toram" boot option.
You can choose it from the list on the boot-up screen. This enables
copying the system to RAM, which frees the CD drive for other uses and
means everything will run faster.

I have tested this on my 1 Gig RAM machine - it should work with less
RAM but obviously you need a reasonable amount since the file system
takes around 475 MB (that's the size of the uncompressed chroot).

Booting with the "To RAM" option results in a pause during boot while
the system copies to memory, so boot takes longer, of course. A message
on the screen about this would be nice ( not yet implemented).

Other changes:

  * Main menu altered. Now has a "reboot" option. Additional "tools"
option that includes time setting, editor choice, alsamixer, some
information snippets, and so on. File system mount/unmount now folded
into "5: File Access and Sharing ". "9: Fun and Games" now has an
option for re-playing the "A New Computer" video.

* Added one colour theme. It's a bit... understated :-)

* Added the "Zile" mini Emacs editor, mainly because it has a nice
tutorial based on the Emacs tutorial. (zile is only 150 KB or so extra)
The tutorial is quite relevant for using Jed as well, since both are

Please test - particularly the "toram" option. Comments on the menu
changes also welcome.

The VBox images and build tarballs have not yet been updated.

This is getting to a release stage, if no major problems show up in
testing. Perhaps people could comment on timing of release, and make
suggestions as to where and how to announce it? We also need to make
the decision on naming... :-)

For those who hang out on #inx - no, I haven't put my CD Player in...
yet...  <insert appropriate emoticon here>

Peter Garrett <inx-one at optusnet.com.au>
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