[Inx] Hello old friends

Dennis Gutowski dennygoot at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 03:48:42 PST 2018

Hello all, my name is Dennis. I have sent a few messages years ago through
this mailing list.

I was wondering if there is possibly a revamp in the works for inx, and if
not, what would it take to update inx to ubuntu 16.04 or better yet 18.04,
which is to be released in only a few months.


Denny's Computers <http://dpccom.blogspot.com/> - It is our goal to serve
Wausau & Merrill Wisconsin as a "not profit seeking" computer organization
which uses software from open source and freeware providers along with
solid reliable hardware to service your computer. We also point our clients
in the direction of inexpensive computers if need be. We do not sell
hardware or software ourselves. We do help you to find the most inexpensive
options for your needs.
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