[Inx] command line and console based software

LM lmemsm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 04:45:27 PST 2013

Checked the mailing list archives for INX and was happy to see some
recent activity.  I'm working on a project somewhat similar to INX and
was hoping to possibly share some resources.  (I do program by the
way, if you need some programming help.)

I'm trying to put together a collection of lightweight cross-platform
applications that I can run across the various systems I use
(including Debian Squeeze and FreeBSD).  I'm building the applications
from source and have a build script system to help automate the builds
and handle package management.

INX is a nice resource for finding lightweight command line software
and I've checked what programs have made it into the distribution more
than once to get some ideas on useful tools.  Would be interested in
sharing finds of good lightweight programs.  Has anyone run across any
other programs that would be useful in a distribution like INX?

If it's helpful, I've done some work on an alternative to dialog that
uses standard HTML to create screens.  There's a console version and a
GUI version.  I've basically gone in and modified a couple of browsers
including lynx to handle the functionality.  Plan on using it as a
front-end to some applications in conjunction with shell scripts and
C/C++ programs.  I've also been looking at various screen libraries to
see what might work in console mode or outside of X.  SDL looks like
it will work via Directfb (and Framebuffer), possibly nano-x and I've
heard some reports of it running with Wayland.  PDCurses works on top
of SDL or one could just use ncurses.  FLTK 1.3 works with nano-x.
Was also looking at other somewhat lightweight libraries such as
WxWidgets embedded and Fox Toolkit, but not much luck there yet.  I'd
really like to find enough programs to handle all the basic
functionality I'd need on my computer using just lightweight

Any lightweight program suggestions greatly appreciated and if anyone
wants to talk about available lightweight software further, would
really like to find other interested users to discuss the subject
with.  Thanks.


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