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D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Mon Oct 8 15:58:51 PDT 2012

Hello Jose and Peter,

I've done a CLI with framebuffer for Debian Wheezy / Testing.  i can watch
DVD or CD movies in framebuffer, search the Internet with pictures with
links2 -g and for blind and visually impaired users the darn things talks
with speakup and espeak.  I also installed IBM Text to Speech Outlook or
Via Voice also known and sold as Voxin for about EUR 6.00.

I did get carried away with all the neat cli tools though and all the elpa
lisp libraries and the CD became a DVD with 900 MB of disk image.

If I remember correctly I have elmo alpine mutt for email, lynx, links,
links2 (with or without the -g for framebuffer), elinks, w3m browsers and
pagers, ceni and cnetworkmanager for easier network configuration.  I have
alpine which I mostly use for mail configured to call fbi to display
attached images in console.

The problem is:  I should have made an iso for public use without Voxin /
IBM Via Voice but I have to install this using remastersys-installer and
then remove the IBM copyright programs. and remaster the iso without it.

I didn't try out the beautiful menus of inx with it - they are a work to
behold - I have demonstrated Peter's INX and had people just in awe that
console could do this.

If one of the browsers supported java, frames, https connections I daresay
I would just use this CLI instead of Debian Testing / Wheezy with Cinnamon
desktop which is GNOME 3.0 with GNOME 2.0 features or the new MATE Desktop
which is a new desktop using GNOME 3.0 also to work like GNOME 2.0, or the
GNOME 2.1 fallback called GNOME Classic.

I just installed MATE today and it seems OK just about the same as GNOME
Classic but it is based on GNOME 3.0.

But that's gui stuff, underneath this new gui is my Debian CLI I mentioned.

< grin >


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On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 5:39 PM, Peter Garrett <inx-one at optusnet.com.au>wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Oct 2012 18:45:31 +0100 (BST)
> jose hernandez <jahfrias at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Hi there:
> >
> > Rescue linux and distros that work from memory there are many. But
> distros that want to go back to the original Unix philosophy of the tool
> kit approach, functioning at the shell level, you are the only one in the
> world today. If that is your intention you can count on me as a new member.
> > I don't see why you just can't installed Linux to the hard disk, (or at
> least give that option),  without X and then just put your "menu" in the
> path. It is much simpler. Then built from there.
> Well, originally back in 2007 that was what I started with. But it
> isn't that simple, unfortunately. INX relies on a framebuffer that
> "works" with mplayer and various other applications, and sadly doing
> this with more current distros is not straightforward.
> I won't bore you with the details, but rest assured that I have tried
> it with more recent versions of Ubuntu. It might be possible with
> Debian, but again, at the time I tried that too, and it was harder than
> with Ubuntu 7.04 or 8.04. In fact that's why INX ended up having Ubuntu
> as a base - at the time, the framebuffer, sound etc. pretty much "just
> worked" without X using Ubuntu as a base. This stopped being the case
> with, for example, Ubuntu 10.04.
> If you lose xlinks2, mplayer video etc. then, yes, most of INX
> would work...
> >
> > Also, not necessarily everything has to be done only with the shell.
> There is "dialog" that looks better and can be use with the shell. System
> administration functions like wireless installation, etc, will be better
> with some kind of GUI. Its impossible to remember everything with Linux.
> I know about dialog. I disagree that it looks better.  In fact, I think
> it pretends to be a "window", which is kind of the opposite of INX
> "philosophy", really. I had dialog in the earliest versions. I really
> didn't want it in INX. Personally, I thinks it's ugly ;-)
> > Are you planning to do everything at the command line?  That's not
> "kiss" either.
> INX is an educational toy - if you already know the command line you
> don't really need it, right? It's just for fun,  and to show people what
> is possible...
> The tutorials in INX are kind of the main point!
> > Hope you are shell fans like me. But "bare bone" Linux nowadays without
> some kind of GUI for installation, setting up admin task ,data entry form,
> etc,(????).  It is possible to do all kind of application development in
> Linux without all these huge programs that keep you out of the power of the
> shell. But everything in life is "up to a point".
> Sadly, INX development has pretty much halted. I did most of it, but I
> have other stuff I want to do, and I gave a good couple of years to
> making it happen. I mean that almost literally - I got up every
> morning and worked on INX, often all day and sometimes most of the
> night, for two years. The code is out there, on Launchpad, so anyone is
> free to use it and do interesting things with it if they wish!
> Peter
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