[Inx] INX is a good idea.

jose hernandez jahfrias at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 8 10:45:31 PDT 2012

Hi there:

Rescue linux and distros that work from memory there are many. But distros that want to go back to the original Unix philosophy of the tool kit approach, functioning at the shell level, you are the only one in the world today. If that is your intention you can count on me as a new member. 

I don't see why you just can't installed Linux to the hard disk, (or at least give that option),  without X and then just put your "menu" in the path. It is much simpler. Then built from there.

Also, not necessarily everything has to be done only with the shell. There is "dialog" that looks better and can be use with the shell. System administration functions like wireless installation, etc, will be better with some kind of GUI. Its impossible to remember everything with Linux. 
Are you planning to do everything at the command line?  That's not "kiss" either.

Hope you are shell fans like me. But "bare bone" Linux nowadays without some kind of GUI for installation, setting up admin task ,data entry form, etc,(????).  It is possible to do all kind of application development in Linux without all these huge programs that keep you out of the power of the shell. But everything in life is "up to a point".
Good luck


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