[Inx] localisations

Paolo Carboni biopresto68 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 12:05:34 PDT 2011

I've been playing a little bit with inx and it's a great fun.
For the moment I have installed it on a Virtualbox machine on my iMac, 
but I have troubles with setting the correct keyboard layout.
I have a standard italian Mac keyboard, this one to be clear:

I've tried to use |dpkg-reconfigure command to set it right, but all 
combinations I've tried failed (so bad that at the end I could not type 
any command again and I had to reinstall the iso again).

Can anybody help me is setting it right?

I am planning to install it on a very old notebook in order to revive it 
and teach my 2 kids how is PC is in its essence (sorry kids, I will 
never buy you a Wii, but if you want you can become a geek), but since 
we are italian it would be great to have the full italian localisation.
If you plan to spread the distro internationally I could help (spare 
time allowing) with Italian.

Thanks and best regards

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