[Inx] [Inx-devel] inx-lucid-alpha

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Sun May 23 18:21:13 PDT 2010

On Mon, 24 May 2010 10:33:59 +1000
Andre Mangan <andrem at internode.on.net> wrote:

>  Audio CD failed to mount (that may be because I did not mount it
>         in VBox - so will try again later).

Ah, actually this is a small fix I forgot to include. Audio CD is not
found because 10.04 uses /dev/sr* , not /dev/scd*. Although if I
remember correctly there is a symlink, the test is for the "cdrom"
group, which fails on a symlink. Altering this line fixes the issue:

(about line 387, in /usr/local/lib/inx/cdmp)

 for device in $(ls /dev/hd* /dev/scd* 2> /dev/null)

just edit with your preferred editor (sudo editor) and add /dev/sr*

for device in $(ls /dev/hd* /dev/scd* /dev/sr* 2> /dev/null)

That's in the function under

cdcheck ()

>         Notes:	ext3 (not ext4)
>         	Legacy GRUB (not GRUB2)

Yes, ext3 is hard-coded in inxtaller for now. Adding an option for ext4
is probably trivial... Umm, whenever I say that, things always turn out
to be anything but trivial! <grin>

Legacy grub is on the ISO/CD - grub2 is not. For the moment I think
using "legacy grub" is OK.

Regarding black and white small video - yes, when I run inx-lucid
booted from CD I get that too. The frame buffer is produced at 32 bit
RGB which mplayer can't handle, apparently. Also, although links2 -g
"works" it is not using directfb, and thus the mouse scrolling does not
happen: - again, because of the frame buffer. On a machine with an
nvidia card, the "nouveau" driver is used preferentially, and vga=791
gets ignored. If I "blacklist" nouveau, here I get the vesafb
1024x768x16 frame buffer as expected. This also happens with intel
drivers, it seems - Chris reported so on IRC. Clearly, blacklisting
these drivers is not really a solution.

Thanks for the report! 


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