[Inx] Updates after long silence...

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Fri May 21 05:47:33 PDT 2010

Hello all,

Well, after a lot of testing, help from team members chatting on theIRC
channel and so on, we are close to getting a workable inx-lucid (based
on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS).

Chris Talley (chris4585 on irc), in particular, has made a bootable
inx-lucid using his own scripts. His bootable live CD of inx-lucid uses
the Grub bootloader with the "eltorito" method to boot the CD.

Inspired by Chris's success, I have built a bootable inx-lucid using a
modification of my 'buildinx' script and various more or less ugly
hacks ;)

David Godfrey has also made valuable suggestions, and sent some
code, but so far the development experiments with INX do not directly
include the code itself.

You can read Chris's instructions for his scripts here:

My buildinx-lucid script is a work in progress :) I will advise when it
becomes safe for humanity *grin*.

For those wondering what if any advantage a "lucid-inx" implies: -

* Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) is a "Long Term Support" version of Ubuntu,
  like Hardy (8.04 LTS). Getting an INX re-spin from this base gives us
  another 3 years of support via Ubuntu.
* We get an updated kernel, which might help for recent hardware etc.
* Possibly some better apps or improved system underpinnings, although
   this is not guaranteed.

This is just a quick update - I hope to give some links and more
concrete information within a few days, perhaps hours, depending on how
my latest build works (or doesn't!).

I hope to upload a "development" .iso for people to test. I expect to
announce this (with download links) within a day or two, maybe sooner.

Stay tuned ....


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