[Inx] inx-lucid-alpha

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Fri May 21 09:12:38 PDT 2010

Hi again,

I have uploaded inx-lucid-alpha (probably should be "inx-lucid-alpha-0"
since I expect more "alphas' before we get to a beta).

Drum roll....

Get it here:


Direct links:


For those on slowish connections: the iso is currently about 248 MB,
sorry. Next step will be finding all the useless cruft and removing it.
250 MB for a CD without X is ridiculous, admittedly.


Do not expect this to look different from the current INX. At this
point we are just pleased to get a Lucid version actually booting and
doing most of the things that inx-1.1 to inx-1.17 do.

There is no "net install" file/initrd on this iso. To do. It is just
a matter of adding the lucid mini.iso initrd (*cough* well, should be).

Freecell patience doesn't run, because it isn't installed. There is no
"console-freecell" in the Lucid repos.

I have no idea if "inxusb" will work. Please test :)
I have no idea yet whether the usb mounting works. Please test...
I have no idea if "inxtaller" works. Please test... but be careful :) 
You probably want to test inxtaller by trying to install to a virtual

What seems to work:
Audio, video, fbi, framebuffer, xlinks2/links2 -g with directfb

There may be issues with certain kinds of hardware, so please test
using a live CD burnt from the iso, not just in Vbox or similar.

We will get there with some good reports and testing, so please join in!

Happy testing!


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