[Inx] inx-lucid-alpha-2

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Sat Jun 26 07:22:58 PDT 2010

On Sat, 26 Jun 2010 11:48:10 +0100
Dennis Groves <dennis.groves at gmail.com> wrote:

> The EFI stuff is missing from the image and it will not boot on my macbook -
> previously it did with INX 1.1; also Ubuntu live CD's will boot and run?

I don't know if the EFI stuff is missing... Perhaps that's not the
problem? What kind of video/graphics does your macbook use?

It's possible that the video drivers I have 'blacklisted' stop your mac
from producing any usable console. I have an old (2005) Mac iBook G4
that seems only to produce a usable set of virtual terminals
(Ctrl-Alt-[F1-F6] while gdm is running, for example. By then the video
drivers (radeon in my case) are loaded, of course.

What happens if you change the boot line from vga=791 to vga=ask?
I'm assuming that you at least get the isolinux boot screen - you did
not mention whether you see anything at all on boot, but if the initial
boot screen appears, you should be able to access the boot line from F6
on that screen and edit it as above, in the same way suggested in my
reply to 'Yorvyk'.

Actually he might also want to try 'vga=ask'. Don't select a 32 bit
option if vga=ask shows one though, since mplayer and directfb can't
seem to handle that colour depth.

It appears that vga=791 is 'card specific' (thank you Google!).

The above is worth a try. To be frank, I know nothing about EFI so I
might need some help if that does turn out to be the problem...


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