[Inx] Is linm included? (other text-mode file manager options)

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Wed Jul 21 20:40:28 PDT 2010

* don williams <williamsdonwalla at gmail.com> [100715 18:41]:
> Are you including the filemanager linm in this version of inx?

This message prompted me to do a search for linm, and in the process
I came across FDclone, an interesting file manager I'd not heard of
before. Currently I'm using VFU. Every now & then I look around to
see what else is available, but VFU fits my needs & preferences best.
FDclone seems to come in at a close second, will have to play around
with it some more. I haven't tried the unixtree Alejandro mentioned...
looks promising. Below are some notes I've kept as I've tried out
various text-mode file managers over time. Not sure if all these are
available in Ubuntu, just thought I'd share my findings.

clex    Looks nice & fast, but no color support

vifm    vi keybindings, nice layout. But there's a lag issue when
        scrolling -- when moving the selector bar up or down by
        pressing the k or j keys, the selector will keep moving many
        items past where the key is released.

mc      The classic "midnight commander" ... capable, popular, but
        no customizable keybindings :(

ytree   Interesting File Manager, does a nice job of displaying
        directory trees, but it locked up on several occasions. :(

gitfm   GNU Interactive Tools File Manager. Two-pane file manager, nice,
        customizable key bindings, customizable colors... but the
        dealbreaker is no tab-completion when typing out file paths for
        'move' 'copy' etc.

vfu     This one seems to have the combination of features that work
        best for me. Doesn't have customizable keybindings, but does
        have a 'Lynx style navigation' option that allows navigating
        directory structures using the arrow keys. The colored display
        looks nice. Can move, rename, etc w/ tab-completion. One
        complaint is that it uses ~20MB of memory, which seems like a
        lot (in contrast, fdclone & clex only use 400KB).

FDclone Japanese clone of the old FD (DOS) filemanager. According to
        its home page, FDclone is so popular in Japan that it has
        become synonymous with "file manager." Seems to be quite
        featureful (customizable keybindings, 600-line sample config
        file) and well documented (2,531-line man page). Has a tree
        view too. Uses much less memory than vfu. But there are a few
        lines in white reverse video at the top & bottom of the screen
        that I can't get rid of or condense...seems editing the source
        & re-compiling would be the only way to do so. Doesn't scroll
        line-wise (vfu does). Note: in Debian it's aliased to fd, ie:
        "aptitude install fdclone" , "/usr/share/doc/fdclone" but
        `man fd` and /usr/bin/fd. Not sure if it sees any active
        development...couldn't find a mailing list. Pretty sure it's be
        in Japanese if there was one.




John Magolske

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