[Inx] 9.10 attempts

Cafe Ninja cafeninja at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 25 14:19:38 PST 2010

As per your recommendations in IRC, I've tried to establish the
vga=791 in an ubuntu 9.10 server vmware image.

With the change to GRUB2 the method isn't as easy.  As well the vga=
statement in the kernel line has been depreciated.
I've still a few tests to run.

At the moment, the condition I can create is the correct resolution.
The problem is that in the VM the screen isn't drawn.
I mean to say that the screen size is the same as in the inx 1.17
unstable VM.  I can send keyboard input, but it doesn't draw the

I've installed fbgrab as I figured that would install all the
framebuffer dependancies, but that had no change also.  I'm going to
keep crawling the forums for vga=791 equivalent as it would seem that
the inx project is not the only request for this function.

I am confident in the fact that your stage 2 might actually work
(after modification of package names) if I can get the 1024x768x16
framebuffer functioning correctly.

I'll keep you posted if I make any progress.


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