[Inx] State of INX - brief report ...

David Ring n1ea at arrl.net
Mon Mar 2 21:30:27 PST 2009

Hello Peter,

I know there are lots of pages - but I searched for about a year to
find every interesting command line program I could find and posted it
when I found it on the Puppy Linux discussion forum.  We wanted to
make a distro command line driven for the blind - but we are full of
ideas but I have no skill at programming - I even flunked DOS batch
(bat) files!

We found a nice calculator program, of course, FINCH the program that
allows you to chat with AOL IM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and IRC all in one
program, we even found an OCR program.  Our goal was to make a command
line distro that would "do everything that a X graphic interface would
do.  I know that you know about this project, and you are welcome to
use anything that we've done - some of the stuff doesn't work entirely
correct - it has bugs!

Here is the link for the first page - you'll have to scan it for
announcements of programs!

We generously share with others!


David Ring
Green Harbor, MA


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