[Inx] radio scripts--where's the URL?

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Tue Dec 8 10:33:52 PST 2009

On Tue, 8 Dec 2009 17:43:10 +1300 (NZDT)
tpl at igrin.co.nz wrote:

> enjoying inX, mainly use as a "rescue disk"
> intrigued by "radio" scripts--enjoying aus-news just now, on this debian
> laptop, takes me back several years, when luckily I was sailing
> Australian waters.  But I wonder how to find other stations?  If I cut
> down to the minimum, I find many of the arguments to "mplayer" follow a
> pattern
>   mms://<website>/<directory>
> for example "classical" simplifies to
>   mms://media3.abc.net.au/classicfm

If you fire up elinks you can access stations at several websites.

If you are running INX 1.1 you also have the option in the "Direct"
menu to hit "p" and have elinks open Shoutcast, Magnatune and 1fm in

Selecting a stream should offer to open it in "playinx" for you. Works
Here (tm). *grin*

You can get the "direct" menu by typing "direct" at a
prompt, or select it from the main menu.

> but have not been able to find a list either of the webcasting websites,
> or directories.  My google searches yield mostly sites that want to
> manage my listening--click on this, pay for that....

So far I have only included the three sites mentioned above.
One trick for streams that use playlists (.pls or .m3u) is to download
the playlist, which is a tiny file usually containing URLs. You can then
play it thus:

playinx <name_of_playlist_file> (or /path/to/playlist_file , of course).

Playinx can usually pick an appropriate playing method, but if it can't
it apologises ;)
> What is the secret?  Is there a HOWTO?

Not sure what you mean. If you want to see how playinx works, the
script is in /usr/local/lib/inx/playinx

"Plaitinx" (as opposed to "playinx") is just a front end for "plait",
used for the "Random Radio" interface. It's a function in the "random"

If you haven't already, I suggest trying the most recent spin of INX


Which is


Not very recent, sorry - I've been rather busy with other things for
some months, and haven't updated INX for a while.

I hope this helps - if you have other questions by all means ask, and
welcome to INX!


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Screenshots slideshow: http://inx.maincontent.net/album/1.png.html
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