[Inx] radio scripts--where's the URL?

tpl at igrin.co.nz tpl at igrin.co.nz
Mon Dec 7 20:43:10 PST 2009

enjoying inX, mainly use as a "rescue disk"

intrigued by "radio" scripts--enjoying aus-news just now, on this debian
laptop, takes me back several years, when luckily I was sailing
Australian waters.  But I wonder how to find other stations?  If I cut
down to the minimum, I find many of the arguments to "mplayer" follow a


for example "classical" simplifies to


but have not been able to find a list either of the webcasting websites,
or directories.  My google searches yield mostly sites that want to
manage my listening--click on this, pay for that....

What is the secret?  Is there a HOWTO?

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