[Inx] ISO and install options - opinions?

David Ring n1ea at arrl.net
Mon Aug 24 11:33:55 PDT 2009

I am running buildinx right now.  I'd like to put my wifi driver into the
iso that it builds.  That should be rather easy.

The only thing that INX could benefit from is some programs for the blind
see:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=634272

With those additions - espeak, speech-dispatcher and britty, it would be
awesome.  Add emacspeak and it would truly be over the top awesome!

Imagine a text only INX that talked to you if you couldn't read the screen,
the power of the console :-), and codecs for music!

Does it get any better!

Best wishes,

David Ring
Green Harbor, MAA

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