[Inx] ISO and install options - opinions?

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Mon Aug 24 11:24:13 PDT 2009

Hi all,

This is a request for opinions, so feel free to throw in any comments!

As list subscribers would know, the "inx-unstable-1.15" iso included an
option to boot the Ubuntu 'mini.iso' net installer image from the disc.
Now, there are a few points that I would like opinions about:

1) Is the extra size worth having? (202 MB vs. about 194-195 MB,
already more than 10 MB bigger than the original INX CDs .)

2) Is the 2 stage "Netinxtaller" idea asking for trouble, in the sense
that it requires being comfortable with partitioning, an ncurses-style
interface, and understanding the concept of installing from the 'Net,
rebooting, running a second script, and so on? (I suspect that the
target audience for INX is not *really* "newbish", to be honest,
despite INX's educational slant).

3) Should the Inxtaller and Netinxtaller explanations and/or scripts be
in the menus as easily accessible options? Or should there just be some
'help' text linked from the opening screen for those who want to try
installing? In the case of the 2 stage install, the netinxtaller script
is a bit pointless as a number option, since it needs to run *after* a
base install.

4) Any other thoughts you might have on this subject, or indeed
suggestions for the Next Big Thing that INX should try to do?

( "4)" is not a licence to ask for your favourite app, or to suggest
adding X, fluxbox, ratpoison, flash, javascript support etc. - just to
forestall the inevitable, as seen before on this list ;-)

It's late/early here, so I'm signing off. I hope to see lots of list
traffic about this post (Yes, I'm deluded, but you knew this) ;-)


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