[Inx] Usb persist install

David Ring n1ea at arrl.net
Thu Aug 20 06:07:51 PDT 2009


I'm not a programmer, but I am a persistent person and often succeed
after many failures.

If anyone on the list can improve buildinx so that it can successfully
install INX to a USB drive or to a new partition, it would be

I also saw the "sources" file.

What I'm doing is installing Koala, removing all the "extra" programs,
then running apt-get with the sources file.

The unsuccessful attempt yesterday filled my 1 GB usb drive and I got
"broken blocks" messages - must be time for the kids to use their
blocks more carefully at pre-school, I guess.

The ONLY disappointment with INX 1.1 is that I don't have the Broadcom
STA drivers and this means that I don't have WiFi access.  I do have
Ethernet access, so next time I will see if INX has "hardware drivers"
under "System", "Administration", "Hardware Drivers" so that INX can
check for the driver.

I tried to add "make" and "gcc" to INX so I could compile and install
the Broadcom STA and I corrupted the USB drive :'(

INX is the BEST distro for those who don't want bloat.  It is really
fast and it is beautifully colourful.

If INX was human, I'd marry her, because it does everything you'd ever want!

In fact if I had WiFi access with INX, I'd just run this distro it is so good.

Add emacspeak and britty so it could talk and it would be the "Dream
Distro" for the blind.

Best wishes and thanks from all of us for your excellent work.


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