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Thank you for the response.
I indeed forgot 
to mention that I tried "ceni": I didn't know this network manager, but 
I think that the wireless card were found, since the "usual" entries in 
the /etc/network/interfaces files were created.
If I'm wrong, please 
feel free to correct me.
Moreover, the wireless card was correctly 
recognized at boot time (it was reported in the dmesg output).

However, when I try to activate it, I always get (sort of) device not 
found error.

I looked for the "generic" ubuntu 8.04-eeepc soultions 
available, and I'm still working on it.
The main issue is that I would 
like to do it offline, since I don't have access to a wired connection, 
for the moment.
Moreover, I'm working on the live cd (though on usb) 
version, so the "local install" solution would be preferred.
I'd need a 
list of the ubuntu packages to download (from a non-ubuntu linux box), 
for example to install the build-essential package with all its 
dependencies, to transfer them to the inx machine, and then "apt-get 
install" them from the local directory.

I will try. Suggestions are 
always appreciated.

do you know if it's possible to select 
a vga=xxx option at boot time to have the correct 800x480 resolution? I 
managed to work with vga=785, vga=769 (both 640x480)...


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