[Inx] Progress report - inx-1.0 (longish)

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Tue Sep 30 18:56:07 PDT 2008

Hello all,

Posting to both inx and inx-devel as a brief ( *cough* )  update.

I have been working on inx-1.0 and it's pretty close to release
(RSN...  *g*)  Nothing uploaded yet.

First, thanks to David Symons for uploading his .deb buiild of "dvtm" to
the INX "ppa" on launchpad :


I've violated the "no new functionality between RC and final" rule for
dvtm ( Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager). If you have no idea what dvtm
is, look at :


A couple of screen shots of dvtm done with "fbgrab",  here:


Changes in the upcoming inx-1.0 :

* added dvtm as above, contrary to all common sense :) Too cool to
  leave out...
* Various bug fixes of course. Have a look at 


* Added a hint in the "Introduction" - use ctrl+s to stop flow, ctrl+q
  to resume (Part of the way to Niels's wish for control in the intro,
  at least)
* Changed the Tools menu to include dvtm as "Extra", and made some
  Information into a sub-menu. Screen shots:


* Message when user tries to run xlinks2 from Screen or dvtm (Won't
  run, so suggests using a tty...)
* Reboot and shutdown from the main menu now clear the screen, 
  and put the "Do you want to reboot | shutdown ?" questions a couple of
  vertical tabs down. Another addition to the shutdown/reboot sequences
  is that they now check to see if there is a CD in the drive, before
  starting the shutdown sequence from a "toram" session.

  This is a "safety" option in case the user has a slot-loading CD/DVD
  drive, to avoid having the CD stuck in the drive. If there is no CD in
  the drive, or the session is not "toram", the usual sequence is run.

  I also added the hint to use "ctrl+c" in the five second delay period
  if the user wants to stop the shutdown.

********To do: *************

- Check packages lists etc. for additions
- Organise some announcements etc. (I will need help on this one)
- Build a final-final :) Still getting there...
- Upload iso, obviously
- Organise a torrent (We need this if there are any announcements etc.)
- Build VBox and Qemu final-final virtual machines, and upload them
- Edited disc label version - Andre and Fiona, can this be done?
  Altering rc-2 to 1.0 is all that's needed really...
- People who use facebook, stumbleupon, digg etc. etc. to be ready to
  mention INX at the appropriate time
- distrowatch to be informed
- probably other stuff - please point out what I've forgotten.

****** Probable sequence of events: *****

1) Will let the lists and IRC know about the uploaded iso first, so we
    can all give it a good test. In other words, it will be tucked away
    in /devel until we have seen that it isn't bug-ridden :-)

    Feedback on the lists and IRC is obviously needed once the iso and
    images are up. Silence could mean that INX is bug-free, or that you
    have tossed the CD in the rubbish with disgust ;-)

2) Set up a torrent - this needs to be running *before* announcements
    etc. and needs reliable seeds who can keep running 24/7 if at all

3) Make various announcements - please suggest appropriate places in
    reply to this post, as publicity is not my strong point :) Even
    better, volunteer to send a brief announce yourself. I think the
    wording should be agreed upon by team members before doing this?

OK - you can go back to reading "War and Peace" or "Moby Dick" now...



"INX Is Not X" Live CD based on Ubuntu 8.04 : http://inx.maincontent.net
Screenshots slideshow: http://inx.maincontent.net/album/1.png.html
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