[Inx] [Inx-devel] Thread 4: What's actually happening... gradually.

Andre Mangan andrem at internode.on.net
Sat Sep 13 00:32:21 PDT 2008

G'day folks,

Here are some notes I made resulting from topics expressed during the
recent flurry of activity regarding INX:

1.  Date on releases - I would favour a version number.  If you put a
date on a release, say INX 2008, it will be considered obsolete in a few
months when the calendar turns to 2009.  Although, following the Ubuntu
tradition, if released in October this year it could be called 8.10 and
that looks rather attractive.

2.  Install INX - An installer is a must.  For myself, I like to access
INX via VirtualBox from my Ubuntu desktop - it saves the drudgery of
rebooting; others may want it as a complete installable operating

3.  Updating INX - the current situation means a complete new download
whenever sufficient changes are made to warrant it.  Since "the core
programmes" are "static", I would welcome a facility for only
downloading changes to my INX installation.  INX is bound to grow.

4.  Manoeuvrability within the tutorial section - In the beginning I
found the absence of a forward/backward button a drawback but as I
became familiar with the topics of the lessons, I accessed these less
often and therefore this lack of manoeuvrability became a non-issue.

Since the tutorials are one of the reasons for the existence of INX as a
tutor of the marvels of the command line interpreter, I would agree that
incorporating some sort of navigational aid into the basic tutorials
would be of benefit.

5.  Release now or later? - Later never comes, so release now.  This
will ensure a wider dispersion and therefore increase feedback.

6.  Polls - That would depend on how widely distributed INX will be.  If
you do not have a copy of INX you cannot participate in a poll.
Feedback via the present mailing lists should suffice, at least for the

7.  What does INX mean to me? - It is a tutor.  It has been instrumental
in teaching me the command line (even though the screen was black) and
it has shown me that every programme in Ubuntu can function without a
GUI.  I suppose that GUIs are really just the icing on a cake.

8.  Stable or unstable - that means nothing to me other than before
drinks or after.

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