[Inx] Fwd: require <enter> in tutorial

Niels Egberts niels.egberts at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 12:52:03 PDT 2008

Hi all,

A week ago I joined this mailing list because I really like the idea of a
distribution which only uses the command-line and at the same time is really
user-friendly. I tried the live-cd yesterday for the first time and I really
really like it.

I've got a comment about the tutorial, as it is now it just keeps going at
it's own pace. I personally think this can be improved by,
- Require <enter> or 'any' key at the bottom of every page, so that the
people who read slowly and the non-native english can take the time.
- Let people skip pages they may already have read by pressing enter during
the 'animation'.

Now, when you miss out the last part because you was distracted or someting,
you need to watch the whole thing over again to get back to the end. Also
"page 1 out of 15" at the bottom would help, because I allways like to see
where I am at in the process when I'm installing someting, reading an
article, or watching a movie.

Let me hear what you think about it,

(I'm forwaring my message to inx at lists.inx.maincontent.net, because I send
the original to the launchpad mailing list, and I dont know if it reaches
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