[Inx] Thread Two: RC-3 or not?

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at kapsi.fi
Wed Sep 10 05:11:21 PDT 2008

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 07:54:24PM +1000, Samson Wong wrote:
> As for inx-unstable, INX is always going to be a of a hobbyist, "just for
> fun" distro - no one really uses it for day to day normal computing (I
> think!!!). 

Hmm... let's see... things I do on CLI:

Email		[X]
News		[X] (talking about usenet stuff etc.)
Web browsing	[X] (well, lots of it but not all)
IRC		[X]
IM		[X] (centericq rocks!)
Code		[X]
Games		[X] (bsdgames anyone?)
Pr0n		[ ] (not _that_ into ASCII graphics... but HEY! How did that get
in here?!)

But seriously, as you can see, quite a lot can be done effectively on it. I'd
say I'm not alone there.

> I personally think the audience for INX won't rate stability as
> a primary priority, and will probably choose to get unstable anyways.
> [That's what I'll do ;-)].

People belonging to the above category, will look for stability for sure. I hate
it if my last 15 minutes of geniusness vanishes away while vim skips a heartbeat
and for some reason there isn't that .main.c.swap file at all! :D

> Stables IMO, would signify the points for achievement of "major milestones"
> in the process...

True, but also give a reasonably troublefree way for people to download a distro
they can trust at any time. There's pretty much nothing that I hate more than
having a very promising, but always just that, tool, of any kind.

> Quick intro - I'm Samson Wong aka Sertse aka fanboi #inx lurker. No
> particular skills, just really like this distro since it's so unique. And
> you guys are nice.

I would think they welcome us all, no matter what size we fit. They, since so
far, there's not a single line of my contribution in INX. Hopefully not for too
long. :)


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