[Inx] Thread Two: RC-3 or not?

Samson Wong samson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 02:54:24 PDT 2008

Well, whether it's a RC -3 or 1.0 will depend on how stable it is I suppose,
and whether we had reached any "milestones"

Don't do the eternal beta =P

As for inx-unstable, INX is always going to be a of a hobbyist, "just for
fun" distro - no one really uses it for day to day normal computing (I
think!!!).  I personally think the audience for INX won't rate stability as
a primary priority, and will probably choose to get unstable anyways.
[That's what I'll do ;-)].

Stables IMO, would signify the points for achievement of "major milestones"
in the process...

Quick intro - I'm Samson Wong aka Sertse aka fanboi #inx lurker. No
particular skills, just really like this distro since it's so unique. And
you guys are nice.

2008/9/9 Peter Garrett <inx-one at optusnet.com.au>

> Should there be an RC-3?
> Should the next INX version be 1.0 ?
> Is it almost ready to be 1.0? Should we do the "E" and "Google" thing
> and be in perpetual Beta/ RC / Version 0.99999 repeated?
> Should we have an "inx-unstable" that gets all the latest crack?
> RSVP....
> Peter
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