[Inx] Thread 4: What's actually happening... gradually.

Peter Garrett inx-one at optusnet.com.au
Mon Sep 8 14:43:56 PDT 2008

David Symons and I have made some alterations to use "mktemp" for /tmp
files. This came out of a security issue discussed on debian-devel


As David pointed out to me, it's really only an issue on multi-user
systems and not live CDs, but I think, looking ahead, it's important to
do the right thing.

We're getting there - most of this has been pushed to LP, and I'm
looking at what's needed for the rest. Thanks to David for the
information, and for fixes to plait/plaiter, and various other scripts
and functions.

I discovered that vifm insists on a "cd" to a mountpoint, rather than
just giving the path ( amusingly, vifm tells me the subdirectories of
the mountpoint don't exist, even though it displays them on its list in
the left hand pane). This happens from the disc mounting options menu,
and should be easily fixed. ( Just an addition on a few lines )

I'm cleaning up some drastic "killall" commands in the scripts that are
massive overkill... umm... that wording wasn't intentional... but I'll
leave it in anyway *g*

Vim lovers: should there be a default ~/.vimrc containing

:syntax on  

No, we aren't getting into "favourite configs" - it would never end ;-)

What I hope to do Real Soon Now: build an "interim" iso with updates,
and fixes as above.

With ordinary luck, this should appear by next week. It will probably be
uploaded to the /devel directory before it is linked from "downloads".
It will need checking.

Please discuss.

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