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CGA callea.gaetano.andrea at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 13:41:43 PDT 2008

Hi all,

first of all: INX it's a neat idea. kudos.

just about a couple of hours ago i stumbled upon INX (read about it on a
blog). then i had a read and look at the website and joined #inx meanwhile i
was downloading it.
i confess that i can't wait for a stable enough version and installer to
install it alongside debian on my laptop.

and now let's get straight to the point:

after a chat with thoreauputic i joined this ml to post what i think it
would be good to have in INX.

firstly some software suggestions:

1 - include weechat in by default. thoreauputic already told me that you
ain't gonna replace irssi (which it's a nice app) and that one could install
weechat on his own.
      well while this is true, i recon that weechat might be the right
choice if you want to keep one and one only application for each task
because it has at least a couple of strong point:

      a - it has a native user list
      b - it's easily exetensible with scripts. (downloadable from website
and easily installable/removable)
      c - it's easy to learn and manage and once you master it it simply
kick asses. i use it as my only IRC client on every computer i own, even if
it has X.
      d - it's easy to customize

      these are a few of the thing why weechat rocks. i'm sure there are
many others.

to end the weechat suggestion i quote myself:

[20:28:56] cga | thoreauputic: indeed you can install weechat, but i think
that in a distro like INX, where every app that i've seen in the screenies,
has a itch for complete interface, well weechat might be better to this
[20:29:12]          cga | thoreauputic: at least give the choice in a menu

2 - include a unique IM sw for msn jabber and stuff except than IRC, like a
pidgin/kopete for cli. read about them here:

3 - think about burning: genisoimage and wodim. stadard tools already in
debian/ubuntu and many other distros. two great tools indeed. they go hand
in hand. i suggest you put them both in.

4 - mutt or pine for emails and sutff and bla bla bla.

the list could go on, with rtorrent and amule-cli for example, but i better
stop here for now.

i only want to point you out to a couple of interesting posts and a site
about cli sw:

- http://www.terminally-incoherent.com/blog/2007/05/21/a-day-without-x/
- http://www.cli-apps.org/


The other thing i want to suggest is to give a friendly cli enviroment with
some bash, vim, inputrc, profile etc... customizations. beside these i
suggest to include tools like AKIRA and pastebinit for they automate,
respectively, since we are talking about debian/ubuntu, the retreive of
repos' keys and a useful command to pastebin files. useful in chat for help.


The last things i want to suggest are:

1 - to get knoppix like colorized boot process (which it has been a long
time desire for me which i never managed to realize due to lack of knowledge
and informations)
2 - use a framebuffer image and better fonts in ttys.

all of this is possible without having to distort INX UI.

the colorized boot of knoppix was the first thing i saw and that got me in.
i fell in love with linux for this and never looked back ever since.

3 - include tutorials (on bash for example) where reasonably feasable

my 2,56$  ;)

happy hacking.

Callea Gaetano Andrea
CGA at jabber.linux.it
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