[Inx] INX 1.0 - The Surprising Story...

Karl Goetz karl at kgoetz.id.au
Sun Oct 12 23:36:19 PDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 07:25 +1100, Peter Garrett wrote:
> Hello all,
> Well, the launch of INX 1.0 was... not as I expected, at least!


> Those of you who were on #inx irc.freenode.net during the Digg-inspired
> "rush" will know more or less what happened, but this is a cheerful
> summary of events for those who don't know...

Sorry i was MIA at the time.

> The traffic on inx.maincontent.net didn't double or triple - it
> increased by a factor of more than ten overnight. The European mirror
> at inx.boinc.ch had a similar spike. The BitTorrent swarm completed
> hundreds of downloads, and so on... I won't bore you with statistics,
> but to give an idea of the effect, we have had more downloads of INX in
> the last week than we have had in the last twelve months.

Which imho is pretty cool :) (Lucky we didnt do the /. thing as well!)

> Of course the madness did not last for long (a couple of days). It was
> fun while it lasted :)
> Thanks to all who are helping to seed the torrent - it has done over 50
> Gigabytes of complete copies so far, and still has a good number of
> seeds. To give you some idea, the torrent swarm has done almost as much
> as the inx.boinc.ch server (which has had traffic of around 60
> Gigabytes this month - thanks for the mirror, Marco!) The "maincontent"
> server has had around 128 Gigabytes. (Thanks, Melchior!)

So a total of around 250GB of inx data flying around?
at 200mb per iso, thats a huge amount.

> We are not taking over the world, obviously, but these stats are about
> an order of magnitude more than I, at least, expected.

I have noticed the irc channel is now much larger, and theres been a
fair few subscriptions to the maincontent hosted list (i have no idea
about the LP list).

Look forward to service pack 1 ;)

Karl Goetz <karl at kgoetz.id.au>
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